REG Mosaic --Full Body Glass Mosaic/ Recycled Glass Mosaic


Our companyJIANGMENJUNQIAO IMPORT AND EXPORT LIMITED,has been devoting to the research anddevelopment of eco-friendly mosaic for years. That’ s the reason why REG Mosaic is developed. The recycled glass, raw material of REGMosaic, components are over 95% in REG Mosaic production which indicates thatwe make every effort to protect environment via recycling million tons of glassevery year. And once you buy our products, you make your contribution toenvironmental protection.


After being washed, pulverized, pressed inshape and cooked 4 main procedures and other uncountable mini procedures, therecycled glass are evolved to REG Mosaic-the quintessence of intelligence andart. The water absorption of REG Mosaic is0.5% and itscolor is durable as time passes and won't fade out in any occasion andchangeable environment since each chip of REG Mosaic is cooked by hightemperature. The feature of low water absorption prevents it from crackingespecially in the frigid condition. In conclusion, REG Mosaic could be widelyused in many indoor or outdoor occasion with its perfect features.

What's more, REG Mosaic also have highvalue of artistic appreciation. Our designs of REG Mosaic refers to the latestand the most fashionable trends nowadays. which more ornamental to decorate theinterior space of the house, the hotel, the swimming pool and so on.


In the recent years, REG Mosaic achieves ahigher and higher reputation all over the world with its eco-friendly, artisticand widely-used features. We supply REG MOSAIC to The Homdepot, Floor&Decorand so on. In Canton Fair, Xiamen Stone Fair and Covering exhibition, you couldalso find our products.